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To start creating your own slideshow, you just need to select a storytelling template or create your own. Then add media to your slides, choose whatever you want whether it is an image, video, music or text, even theme or layout. End up working on your presentation by sharing it with your friends. PhotoStage Slideshow Software is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool.

Mind it as one of the best presentation software for creating a slideshow in a short time. Make a presentation quickly choosing from your favorite photos. Enhance your slideshow using special editing tools and spice it up with a large number of stunning effects: captions, transitions, narration, and so on.

Moreover, there are many other useful features, including saving your slideshow to video format and optimization for the portable devices and web. There are lots of effects, transitions, overlays, and filters which make your slideshow-making process as effective as it should be.

Top 5 Slideshow Software for Mac

It provides professional tools to help you achieve the perfect look for your photos. Icecream Slideshow Maker has features that let you make your presentation much more driving and dynamic. However, pay your attention to other important factors such as usability, interface, and accessibility.

This slideshow maker software allows to attach multiple or single pieces of any media content from your computer such as images and music and has the easy-to-use tools for customizing your presentation. You can preview your photo slideshow before saving it as well. Slidely is a web-based visual content creation platform also supplied with mobile apps both for iOS and Android devices.

What is more, it is free to use, but you can also purchase a premium version. The mobile app helps you create an impressive presentation no matter where you are. One more really helpful web-option is easy sharing of slideshows on almost every social media platform like YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. This product makes slideshow-making process instant and easy for everyone. It allows you to make a video or photo slideshow with music just in a few clicks even with no experience. Use the automatic slideshow wizard or create it by yourself. There is a wide range of more than built-in filters and effects, and hundreds of royalty-free music tracks.

After finishing work on your slideshow, save it in one click choosing between more than 50 commonly used formats like Blu-ray, DVD and 4K and directly share on your social media. PicturesToExe is a professional photo slideshow software which you can use for creating slideshows with amazing effects like the great number of transitions and slide styles.

Consider PicturesToExe as one of the best photo slideshow software for mobile devices, because it has the app both Android and iOS. When your presentation is ready, save it even in Ultra HD. With PicturesToExe you can modify each slide of the presentation and add various animation and transition effects such as masks, 3D effects, dynamic blur, and smooth animations of the highest quality. SmartSHOW 3D is a really advanced slideshow maker that contains professional features and good usability.

The software comes with extensive collections of animation effects, slide themes, transitions, and audio. The program has full photo-editing capabilities and can turn any picture into true eye candy. It also has a pretty high number of transition effects to keep the longer presentations from getting stale and you can put background music into the show just to make sure none of the older folks falls asleep. All of the above certainly makes the Movavi Maker one of the most well-rounded choices out there. If you frequently do presentations for work, you know how repetitive and dull slideshows can get.

Good photography presentation is all about making each slide pop, adding some visual flair to the duller pictures, so take some time to familiarize yourself with the program. That way you can burn the result to a disk to share with the colleagues or to make sure the office computer can handle the presentation. By the way, you can also import your creation directly to Twitter and YouTube or turn it into an email attachment, no additional clicks needed. One of the last points we feel the need to tackle is compatibility. Plus, the creations can be converted to later work with some Mac software for further editing.

This software has one of the highest numbers of transition effects to keep your presentations fresh and visually appealing.

Best Slideshow Maker with Music on PC/Mac/Online

If you really want to personalize your slideshows and show off your creative side, this may just be the top choice for you. After all, even if you just want to preserve the sacred moments of your wedding, a slideshow maker should do the trick without you having to spend hours learning how to use the program. Right away, you can see the variety in the iSkysoft program as it offers two options upon launch: Standard or Advanced. The first helps you automatize the process, using preset themes and transitions, while the second gives the creator full control to add effects, music, turn photos into videos, and much more.

First impressions are key and the iSkysoft maker certainly nails that aspect but what about your presentation? The program will help with that, offering you to create some intro credits and an introductory audio that sets the scene. That way you can really start off the show with a bang!

While the program makes the slideshow creation process really easy, it still gives the user plenty of options to work with. The program even helps to make a menu so you can view the results more easily on your TV. Oh, and by the way, you can turn the whole thing 3D just to impress your friends. The iSkysoft offers pretty broad slideshow-making techniques and output options, which automatically raises it above a few of the competitors.

Certainly, a useful feature if you plan on using some older pictures in your presentation. While the iSkysoft Slideshow Maker lacks some of the editing capabilities available in more expensive programs, it offers a pretty useful range of features, going for quality instead of quantity. You can remove red eyes, turn your array of photos into 3D videos, and import the resulting picture presentation to your phone, attach it to emails, or send it directly to YouTube.

Never made a slideshow or simply have a little experience with these things? This software combines a simple interface with automatic editing to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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Since the Wondershare is aimed at amateurs it has a pretty modest number of effects with just 72 transition choices and 27 themes to give your presentation an overall look. That should be more than enough for a newbie but a professional looking to add some variety to their slideshows might feel a bit stifled by this range. Still, you also get the option of adding an audio track to your presentation, be it a song or a recording of your voice.

You could turn to the official forum where fellow users and even the developers themselves provide answers to the most obscure of questions. Whatever the Wondershare Builder lacks in functionality it makes up for in variety and integration. The program lets you immediately upload your projects to Facebook and YouTube as well as convert them into the appropriate formats for burning onto DVDs and Blu-rays.

Best Slideshow Software of 12222 - Turn Photos Into Movies

We can, however, say with complete confidence that anybody looking for an affordable and easy-to-use software for making movie from photos and old home videos will love this program. Of course, the opposite could happen where an image with important info would fade away in favor of the next one. A professional presenter should never let such things happen, which is why you should use the NCH PhotoStage Slideshow. The number of photos in the presentation is, of course, unlimited so you can conduct longer speeches with the visual help of slides just as easily as you would do a short slideshow for your peers.

We would say that the NCH PhotoStage is suited best for users with some experience in creating slideshow presentations. Not because the interface is complicated, far from it. For example, the program allows the creator to record separate audio-narration for slides all along the presentation, which can come in handy if you have a long work-related presentation and little time to memorize the accompanying text. Avoid awkward silences by using the narration as your backup!

Top 10 Best Slideshow maker for Windows 10 PC

As always, the program lets you convert the resulting presentations to a variety of formats as well as import them to social media sites one of the few to include Flickr in the line-up and handheld devices. Still, they should be enough if you just need to touch up the picture to make it brighter or add contrast. Do note that whatever changes you make to the photo take a few seconds to apply as the program seems to reprocess the slideshow at once. Despite offering subpar editing tools, the NCH PhotoStage manages to shine by giving the user plenty of customization options that refine your presentations and make them more professional.

Honestly, if the software had some better customer support options and more in-depth photo-editing capabilities it could be rightfully called the best choice for professional presentation creating.

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Even now, this is one of the top picks if you need a slideshow maker compatible with Windows 10 and capable of creating a sleek and customized presentation to wow clients and colleagues. Sharing memories of your beachside vacation is always nice, especially if you have some photos to go along with your stories.

If you want to really impress guests and keep their attention, you need some effects or cool transitions, maybe even some accompanying music. Of course, slides can also be used in a professional environment to concisely and effectively illustrate your point. In that case, you should go for a restrained design with fewer special effects. In fact, there are several guides on what not to do that you should keep handy when making your slideshows and presentations. As long as you use your best judgment and your imagination even a free slideshow maker will help get your point across to the client and coworkers.