How to make mac n cheese like stouffers


  1. Stovetop Mac & Cheese - Fake Ginger
  2. The margarine ruined it! Bring back butter!
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So I went on the hunt for a creamy mac and cheese recipe. Not to brag or anything but this stuff is pretty rocking. Like my family requested it twice in one-week rocking! Now this recipe DOES call for cheddar cheese soup from a can. The first time I ever tried this recipe I used sharp cheddar. Mild cheddar was a much better choice.

Stovetop Mac & Cheese - Fake Ginger

There are additives in pre-shredded cheese that keep it from melting completely and you might end up with a grainy sauce. I mean why would you want to leave any of that sauce behind. But I like mine smooth and creamy. As you know, I am a huge mac n cheese fan and I will definitely be trying this this week! I think a three cheese blend would be perfect! This looks delicious!! I think you could definitely bake this but I was too impatient! Mac and cheese disappears in a blink around here!

You might have lost me on the canned coup but this looks like a very comforting bowl of goodness indeed. We all need a secret ingredient. I have tried it using a couple different versions of a homemade canned soup and it just never tastes the same! I absolutely LOVE how saucy your mac and cheese is in the pictures. Getting all of that extra sauciness in there makes such a difference. The sauciness is the best part!!

I wish I was eating this for breakfast, too. Thank you so much for the pin! This looks delicious!

The margarine ruined it! Bring back butter!

I have always made my mac and cheese from scratch, but I always on the hunt to find a new mac and cheese recipe. Going to give this one a try next. I am going to try this recipe asap!!! Pinning this one! I gave up making it from scratch cause it was always either dry or soupy or bland. Going to pin your recipe for later. Thanks Girly! That Looks so yummy!! And I love that you are not a total health nut, since I am not either. Thanks for the recipe! I figure that this version is still better for you than something out of a box. Canned soup aside!

Oh this looks so yummy! You make it look so easy. I had never made it until I decided to try this recipe for the first time. Erin says:. Rachel Baked by Rachel says:. Nov 18, at pm.

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