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If you're stumped when it comes to false lashes, here are the best false lashes for your eye shape. False lashes can be a beauty game-changer, or a nightmare, depending on what you pick. Like anything else in the beauty world, you have to pick what works best for you personally: your skin tone, face shape, and yes, eye shape. False lashes can enhance your natural shape or totally overpower it, depending on the kind you choose.

When applying falsies, it's best to trim the lash to fit your eyes instead of just ripping them out of the box and popping them onto your eyelid. Measure the lash against your eye and trim the excess. This will help the lash look more natural and your eyes more awake instead of tired or droopy.

It's also important to let your lash glue get a bit tacky on the lash line before applying the false to your skin. If the glue isn't dry enough, it will slip and slide all over your eye, making it near impossible to apply. Now that you know how to put them on, let's move on to the next challenge: figuring out which ones you should wear!

Lucky you — almond eyes is the most universal of all the eye shapes. It all looks great on you! Take advantage of your catlike stare by applying individual lashes at the far corner of your eyelids, or go for super fluffy full lashes. MinkMajesty would be a fantastic choice for you, and it is one of the lashes worn by Sierra from X Factor. Strongly consider falsies that are longer in the middle of the lash. The doe eye effect of the best false eyelashes for Asian eyes is often desired among the Asian lash users. DamnNearRoyalty was, in fact, originally developed with hooded and Asian eyes in mind!

The longer hairs in the middle of the lash band give an effect of a rounder eye. They will draw attention towards the middle of your eye and will hence visually open it up. Alternatively, clustered lashes like RoyalFlirt are also up for consideration. Experiment with visually eye elongating tricks.

If you are a more advanced eye makeup user, feel free to experiment with the following eye elongating trick that I picked up while working with fashion runway models at fashion shows.

The Best False Lashes For Your Eye Shape, Because Falsies Can Be Difficult — PHOTOS

Do a dark cat eyeliner style in the outer corners just a bit longer in the outer corners than you normally would. Apply your best false eyelashes for Asian eyes very closely to your own top eyelid as you normally would but glue the outer corner over the extended cat eyeliner you drew. Choose the right lash curve. A more curved up C-curl like in RoyalSinner Classic looks great on hooded eyes that need that extra oomph to look more open. You can still experiment with more natural B-curvature lashes such as in TeaseMarquise!

MinkMajesty is a perfect middle between B and C curls so will also work great. Nevertheless, applying dark eyeliner in a soft cat eye in the outer corners upper and lower lash lines in a connecting V shape can visually extend your eyes and help blend your Minki Lashes better.

The Ultimate Guide To False Eyelashes

The liner will likely smudge in the middle of your upper lid so learn to skip it and just apply falsies without. Use dark eyeshadows to create a fold. When completing your hooded or monolid eye makeup look with your best false eyelashes for Asian eyes, consider turning to darker eyeshadows. When strategically placed on the eyelid, you can visually recreate the lid fold via contouring.

Remember to use my Old Hollywood trick for a more natural effect. Your best false eyelashes for Asian eyes will appear as though they are growing right out of your eyelids so put that flap to good use! Well, these are in our top 3 best false eyelashes for Asian eyes if you are looking to visually open up your eyes.


These are a real classic that features the optimal length, realistic-looking criss-cross lash pattern, and a slightly denser and longer outer corner. The C-curvature was designed to visually uplift the eyes. Interestingly, the High-Class version is one of our best-sellers among Asian users!

How to Apply MAC 34 fake eyelashes « Makeup :: WonderHowTo

The longer mink fur strands are placed in the middle on the lash, with equal shorter length lashes in both inner and outer corners. A very popular candidate for the best false eyelashes for Asian eyes! If you like the overall Adele-esque and Lana Del Rey-esque look of dense falsies, this lash is an interesting foxy version with the lash strands being tilted an angle towards the outer corner.

It would visually elongate the eye. If you wish to make your eye rounder, then DamnNearRoyalty is a better choice for you between the two because they are more curved and longer in the middle. Similarly to RoyalSinner, these are in our top 3best false eyelashes for Asian eyes.