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Paragon Driver for Windows

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Paragon Driver for macOS ( and above) | Seagate

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How it Works

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Explains how to use the drive on both MacOS and Windows. This article will cover how to use the drive on both MacOS and Windows. The key is to choose the proper options when you connect to the computer running MacOS.

Registering & installing free NTFS driver for Mac when using Seagate storage Media

Double-click the GoFlex icon on the desktop it may take a minute for the icon to appear. Complete the installation wizard. Activate the software if prompted. Reboot the Mac one more time. Connecting to a Windows computer: Connect the drive to the computer.

Backup Plus Portable Drives for Mac

The optional backup software can also be installed. Selecting a different country will clear your cart. Europe, Middle East, Africa. The software is not from Seagate, it is from Paragon. Seagate obviously has made a deal with Paragon to distribute a special version of their software to people who purchase their drives. In any case it definitely doesn't work on my WD drive but definitely does on my Seagate drive. Pacerier: There's a standardized commend that lets software ask the drive to identify its manufacturer, model, etc.

I assume it just checks that. SherylHohman 2 2 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. KeithB KeithB 8, 1 1 gold badge 19 19 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. It will read and write to FAT Yes, but not by default. Why wouldnt they make it compatible out of the box? Will I lose the fire wire performance on the mac side if I do that?

I think you'd be hard pressed to notice a change in speed. FAT32 does not have comprehensive permissions built into the file system, and I believe it less efficient when it comes to disk usage than NTFS. Note: you can see how a the drive is formatted by highlighting it in OS X and giving it a Cmd-i. It'll list it under Format. This is bad advice. This isn't bad advice, it's a trade-off situation.

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Simplicity vs. FAT32 is your best bet for compatibility. You may have luck with NTFS if you are willing to search a bit. A good exmaple of where you might use files bigger than 4gb are disk image files. Also avoid Apple Partition Map, which Windows machines would have no clue about.

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If you want your Mac to be able to write to this partition, you'll need third-party software to enable this on Mac OS X. Spiff Spiff